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Fundraising Tips

If you’ve started your campaign, you’re ready to change the world for animals!

The best place to get started is your Fundraising Center, where you can send out personal emails, get incredibly cute pictures to share on socials, track your progress, and more. We are thrilled that you’re joining our team of superstar fundraisers.

To help you kick things off, we asked a few of your fellow myHumane heroes to share their tips on how to make your campaign super successful. Take a look at the tips below and start saving animals!

Go To Your Fundraising Center

Email Wins

Did you know participants who send emails from their Fundraising Center raise 5 times more than those who don't?!

We’ve got email templates in your Fundraising Center to help you announce your campaign to friends and family.

Send Emails

Eric Lagally

Eric Lagally of Seattle raised $960 running the Portland Marathon in October. He took our suggested email language from his Fundraising Center and worked it into individually crafted greetings and messages.

Tell Your Story

Is your dog your daily therapist? Was your first cat rescued from the streets? Did you visit horses when you were younger?

Update your personal page to tell the world why YOU are fundraising for animals. Connect your friends and family to your campaign with personal details. Then take that story to your social networks…and everywhere you go!

Update Your Personal Page

Eric Lagally

"Use your page to tell people why you're raising money to help animals. I do it for my dog, Leeloo, who survived as a mother in a puppy mill."

– Kelley Hohl


If you lead, others will follow.

Donate to yourself! When you make a self-donation to your own fundraising campaign, you inspire other and show them you mean business when it comes to saving animals.

Donate to your campaign

Know Your Stuff

Did You Know?

We have birthday party packs and table cards to help you make the most of your campaigns! They’re a great way to show your guests that your event is all about helping animals.

Your supporters will want to know more about the work done with their money. Show them! Educate yourself about HSUS, the work we do to, and all of the different animals we're protecting with your help.


Eric Lagally

"The plight of the seals really touched my heart and I knew I had to do something about it."

– Gabie Nealon-Shapiro

Say Thank You

You will receive an email notification right when someone makes a donation to your page.

Tell your supporters how much you appreciate their gift! Thank them on Facebook or Twitter, at your party, or on a t-shirt. Any way you can show your gratitude makes your friend feel special and inspires others to give, too.

Thank Your Donors

Having trouble getting started? Let us help! Send us a note and we’ll be in touch.