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How It Works: 3 Easy Steps

Start a Campaign

Start a Campaign:

Register. Then, personalize your page in minutes, and ask your family and friends to support your fundraiser for animals.

Raise Money

Raise Money:

Set fundraising goals. Be the first to donate! Use words and video to tell your story and encourage giving. Find other tips and tools in your myHumane center.

Create Change

Create Change:

Reaching your goal means a more humane world. Every dollar raised supports our lifesaving work, and there’s no better feeling than helping those who can’t help themselves.

Get Inspired

Birthday Campaign

Natalie Compos Goodman celebrated her birthday by raising more than $1,000 for The HSUS.

Memorial Campaign

After the loss of two beloved pets, Diane Ficke celebrated them with a memorial campaign that raised more than $1,000.

For his bar mitzvah, Eric Mager decided it’s better to give than receive. His friends and family donated more than $1,900.

Celebration Campaign

Rebecca Bloor ran a half marathon and exceeded her fundraising goal, collecting more than $1,300.

Athletic Campaign
Youth Campaign

Girl Scout Troop 21 in New York hosted a pancake breakfast that raised more than $2,000.

DIY Campaign

Molly Tilton hosted an Earth Day party to gather donations on behalf of her “mission in life”: helping animals.

Your Impact

We focus on five major impact areas, with the goal of preventing animals from getting into situations of distress. Your fundraiser will help The HSUS continue its signature campaigns to drive transformational change for animals.

It’s time to stop dogfighting and malicious animal cruelty. We’re pushing countries around the world to ban these practices and dismantling fighting networks in the U.S.
Working with the biggest names in the food industry, we’re helping shut down practices that virtually immobilize farm animals in small cages.
The HSUS is building support networks in communities where pet owners don’t have access to affordable veterinary care.
Grounded in 21st-century science, we push for bans on animal testing of cosmetics and promote adoption of cruelty-free alternatives.
We’re at the forefront of research into humane, science-based approaches to resolving human-wildlife conflicts.

A Humane Society Starts with You

More than 100,000 animals cared for each year through our hands-on programs. Millions more saved through better laws and corporate reforms. Your support makes it all possible. Learn about reputable car donation charities.

You can be a hero.

Get Started

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